To All Students Heading Back to College…

When I graduated from Arizona State last December I was very ready. Tyler lived in Arizona at the time and constantly heard me talk about how happy I was to be graduating. He told me more than once to enjoy every moment because it was quickly coming to an end. I usually responded with “thank goodness.” Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved college. I made incredible friends, joined a sorority, was involved in leadership roles on campus, and liked my classes. But after three years of school, activities and working, I was ready for a break. I look back and laugh at how silly that is to say, especially because I loved being so busy.

Here we are, eight months since graduation and my whole heart is missing college. More than anything I miss having all of my best friends in one place. It took everyone going back to school and living 1,500+ miles away to finally realize what college really meant to me.

So this post is for all of you heading back to classes this week. I hope you enjoy every second of school. It is hard work, but the end result is worth the effort. There will be moments that you will be exhausted, but push through. The stress is temporary.

Get involved in school. Join some clubs or even go Greek. Pursue your passions. There are thousands of things you can do with your time, but just do something. Step up to leadership opportunities. Yes, being a leader can be scary, but you will grow more than you could imagine. I know speaking in front of 200+ women every week did wonders for my confidence. Work hard in school, do your homework and show up to class. You are so lucky to be going to school, don’t take that for granted. Call your parents, your grandparents, and all those that support you (especially if you live far away). And finally, have some fun! Go on adventures, stay up all night, and soak up all of this time with your friends. Most of all, live in the moment. Four years flies by and before you know it, graduation will be here.

Wherever you are going to college this year, I hope this school year brings you so much joy. Make all of us that have graduated proud!

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