How We Met

It has already been a week since we got married! We are both sitting here reminiscing on all the amazing things that happened at our wedding and reflecting on how far we have come in five years. As a way to get our blog started and introduce ourselves, we are going to share the story of how  how we met (how he proposed is coming later)! Ty wrote this originally for our wedding website, but we are so excited to share it with you!

Once upon a time…

I was entering my last semester of high school in the spring of 2012 with “senioritis” setting in. I was reluctant to take many challenging courses, but the one class I was excited to take was economics. The class seemed interesting and was taught by one of my favorite teachers. It ended up changing my life in a way that was not in the course description.

The first few days of class, I began to notice this girl. She was cute and quiet, but when she talked she was confident. I hadn’t seen her before, but I knew then I wanted to know more. I was especially inclined to get to know her after seeing one of my favorite teachers and basketball coaches, Mr. DeVries, giving her a hard time while visiting our class one day. I knew that he only joked with people he liked, which made her even more interesting.

Eighteen year-old me was always looking for an excuse to avoid face-to-face conversation, especially with girls. One day, I decided I had built up enough courage to talk to her. So I opened my Facebook messenger and typed out, “Hey I don’t mean to be creepy, but did you get the econ homework?” It was innocent enough, but I hoped it would spark some conversation. I thought I was being pretty smooth asking her about school work, but little did I know, she had seen me write down the homework the day before. She was on to my plan, but she talked to me so it worked out! We continued talking, doing homework and studying together in the school library.

Our first date was to the cheap movie theater on St. Patrick’s Day, and we have been making memories ever since.

How did you meet your best friend? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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